Thursday, 29 April 2010

Dyfi this weekend.

Looks like it might be a bit wet...

I need to shift a nasty cough before the weekend -

New bike still rocks but now it has huge bars.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

New Bike

It's going to rock - oh yes...

Look what I built.

Monday, 5 April 2010


Took the singlespeed out in daylight for once.

A quick sunday morning blast.

Ridiculously muddy.

L/H braggy 1

Friday, 2 April 2010

Riding since Dylan was that's "Riding in 2010 so far" then.

I stopped posting in November because I stopped riding.
Why? Because my wife was expecting our second son and being 10 miles away on a pushbike when she was going into labour seemed like a very bad idea indeed. Plus riding became stressful as I was constantly worried I'd miss THAT phone call and really screw up.

Anyway, Dylan was born on New Years Eve at about Midday. He rocks.

So back onto the bike as soon was realistic. The 6 weeks off really killed my fitness but what I had is just about back now but those first few rides, which coincidentally were in the snow, really hurt.

Since then I have been getting out generally twice a week during the week and once at the weekend.
I have been making a conscience effort to go out even if the weather is awful and there is no one else to ride with.

Riding Things that have Rocked so far this year:
1) Snow, until it got boring.
2) Shimano MW80 Boots - warm feet all the time.
3) Howies Softshells.
4) Solo nightriding - it's not that scary really.
5) Sombrio Haymaker Shorts, good looking warm Baggy Shorts.

Riding Things that have Rocked so far this year:
1) Snow, when it gets boring and then melts.
2) Broken Spokes
3) Cracked Frames, my favourite ever bike - RIP.

A suitable replacement has been selected for the cracked Red Bike and I suspect it might just be up to the task.

In the meantime, I will be singlespeeding which should make me "Strong as Mighty Ox" before the Dyfi Enduro at the beginning of May.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

4 Drowned Rats (A Yorkshire Dales Trip Report)

The Yorkshire Dales? In November? It really shouldn't have come as a surprise that it was more than a touch damp.

The drive up from from Leicester was more than a little nervy with rediculous amounts of water on the motorway and floods on the roads leading into the Dales. The high winds chucked the van about a bit too.

However once we got to the Dales Bike Centre, got bikes tucked away in the Bike Lock Up with the crazy loud alarm, and had a beer we were feeling knackered.

On Saturday Morning the weather was looking up and the Dales were looking good in a golden glow.

Dales Bike Centre morning glow

Swaledale AM1

After a fine bacony breakfast we got our shit together and heading out and up the side of the valley.
Our Saturday route took us around the Northern side of Swaledale.
Saturday Route 21.5 miles 3088ft of climbing.

There was enough wind to make you think about launching drop offs as you got blown 2 foot to the left or right as the wind caught you.
The climbs were all scenic enough to take your mind off the pain and the descents were grin inducing even though you had to keep pedaling hard to keep your speed up due to the wind.

The weather was fine in the Morning but got very wet in the afternoon.
A few mediocre photos:



Just before it got really wet.


The last road drag back to the centre was proper grim, with gloves being squeezed out every five minutes and a spontaneously cramping quad coming through Reeth.

Back at the centre, hot showers and coffee warmed us up though.

After a few beers the night before I was a little slower out of bed on Sunday morning, however another ace breakfast courtesy of Stu sorted me out though.

Today we were going to do a smaller loop around the Southern side of the valley.
Linky for Sunday route 13.4 miles 2100ft of climbing
We started out with a reasonably long, steep but scenic road climb up the valley.

The weather was much nicer today and we had sunshine and blue skies for lots of the ride. The route was similar in character as the day before just more sunny and shorter.

A few more mediocre photos:
Obligatory my bike was here shot.







After the ride we grabbed more coffee, food and some really excellent cake at the Cafe at the Centre.

If you are heading to the Dales for riding or even walking, to be perfectly frank, you'd be daft not to stay at Dales Bike Centre, they have everything you need sorted.
Great accomodation, awesome food and coffee, well stocked bikeshop, hire bikes, bike lock up. It's just really well sorted and run by great people.

We'll be back in the spring!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Ride Log 08/11/09

Distance: 22 miles
Time:2hrs ish
Bike: Singlespeed
Tunes: Alkaline Trio

Went out for a ride cough be damned.
Wasn't as bad as I'd thought, only coughed when stopped. Felt alright to be honest.
Did the same loop as last weekend but with an extra bit. Lots of horses out, all very nice and friendly. Bike was fine, maybe square taper cranks and BB's are the future on the singlespeed?

In Moustache News:
Movember day 8

Not coming along badly at all. My lighter fuzz takes longer to be noticeable though.
3 more weeks to grow a good 'un!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Magnificent Moustache Inspiration

This year I am growing a Mo for Movember.
It's for a worthy cause see here:

In order to decide what style to go for I have looked to the Stars of music and sport.

I give to you my Magnificent Moustachy Inspiration!

Nice Cave:
Derek Smalls:

Tony Iommi:

James Hetfield:

Mark Weir:
Hulk Hogan: